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DOHA GALVINIZING started its operations in the state of Qatar in November 2021. As a cost effective method for protection of steel. The demand for galvanized product is steadily increasing in Qatar. To support the flourishing construction industry. Hot Dip Galvanizing has become an inevitable solution for corrosion protection.

Steel Accessories

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Lighting Poles

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Doha Galvanizing

Doha Galvanizing was established in 2021 the company diversified its activities to meet the growing demand quality of hot dip galvanized services. Doha galvanizing plant is well equipped with the modern technology available in the Galvanizing Industry designed and delivered by GRUPPO MACCABEO S.R.L, Italy.
This is in association with highest standard of workmanship during all stages of Galvanizing Process which will enable us to provide our clients with best quality of products and services.
Galvanizing is carried out according to ASTM A123/M-123-17 and BS EN ISO 1461-2022, and related standards.

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